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How have we generated $1,90,000+ in sales with 5x - 6x ROAS for Hills Jewellery?

Ecommerce Advertiser for Jewelry Brand

The Story

E-commerce jewelry stores are a new rise in the digital market. However, since the onset of a global pandemic, we cannot expect this e-commerce business to see any new progress rate. 

We had an encounter with a Germany-based E-commerce jewelry brand, that specializes in selling artificial jewelry of multiple domains. The brand aimed at earning profits through social media marketing. For the same reason, they started running advertisements on Facebook, but all in vain. On the contrary, the brand started running in losses.

Our client had already spent a hefty amount of money on the marketing companies, and she was exhausted and unwilling to spend any extra penny that had the slightest prediction of going into drains.

The brand was directed to our marketing agency when they were at their lowest and we decided to show results by raising their sales from the initial week only. We gathered our sedulous workforce, analyzed the brand’s status in digital marketing, and planned an objective to increase the Average Order Value (AOV) and generate more than 4x Return on Ad Spend (ROAS).


Once we were informed about the present situation of our client, we drew an objective to convert their existing Facebook ad campaigns into registered leads. However, we encountered some of the expected as well unforeseen challenges in our way. 

Lack of Past Data

Data is the most important thing when running eCommerce campaigns. Without accurate data, we can go in the wrong direction and it can cost us major ad spent with low or no return.

By the time we got access to the account, we understood that the data is not properly tracked and there are more than 10 touch points that are not tracked properly. Due to which we have integrated all the important tracking and started analyzing data touchpoints from scratch.

Limited Audience Size

The target location was Germany and the German population is relatively less in number in comparison to the USA. Plus not many people over there understand the English language. It was another challenge for us to dive deep into the local language plus finding the women interested in Jewelry. It was an inescapable barrier in our way of generating profitable sales.

Huge Competition

Artificial Jewelry is a very common niche and attracts a lot of businesses to invest in itself. Owing to the great number of investors in this field, the competition was inevitably huge and difficult to fight. We did not aim to degrade the competition but to amplify our merits. With our strategic planning, we were able to outstand them. 


With all the aforementioned challenges, it was difficult for us to get more people into booking site visits, however, not impossible. With a strategic frame of mind, we successfully drew out relevant and easy to implement techniques. 

The Initial Phase

We decided to initiate our plan from the basics. For that purpose, we designed a detailed outline of every step a user takes to become a paying customer, while also defining the different stages of a buying cycle. 

We have designed a customer journey funnel to take a user from the awareness phase to the consideration phase to the conversion phase. We designed how and when our targeted audiences discover our client’s brand and used it to define the stage where people start building their interest in our client’s brand, and products. 

In doing so, our team worked around the clock to ensure the inflow of accurate data.

Targeting and Executing

Our next step was to go as per our designed plan. With the laser targeted approach, we reached out to our target audience and guided them towards the e-com funnel we have designed. We helped them complete the purchase by sending them offers and discounts.

In order to increase the AOV average order value, we have offered them some great deals right after purchase that helped us upselling them. It ensured the customer of a personalized experience and optimized the value of every sale. The strategy of upselling only boosted the revenue by 1.5x of our client.

We made sure that the customer thinks of this brand as a one-stop-shop solution, and builds up a sense of reliability and trust towards our brand. The problem of huge competition also saw its solution with its strategy, since it provided customers with unparalleled convenience. 

Choosing Right Tools and Platforms

Since we wanted the results in a short span of time to prove our capabilities, we could not limit our tools and platforms to only Facebook or Instagram ad campaigns. Rather, we were supposed to engage in numerous, profit-driven platforms, that were to gain some profits to our clients. Our team indulged in careful research of listing and segregating the right platforms to market our client’s e-commerce brand.

In the process, we have used high-quality tools and platforms and narrowed our results down to Facebook ads, Instagram Ads, Google Shopping Ads, Google dynamic remarketing, and Send in blue for Email marketing. We were assured of our belief in these tools, and rightfully so.

Omnichannel Marketing

Conclusively, we decided to adopt the phenomena of omnichannel marketing by making use of different ad platforms. We launched the campaigns on multiple platforms and marketed them appropriately, making sure it gets to the right audience. By associating these platforms with suitable tools, we were able to create magic for our clients. 

The Results?

We started seeing break-even results in a short span of time. Our strategies bore its positive consequences and we were able to take out the brand from its less profitable stage in not more than 1.5 months. 

Next, instead of hastily rising from this point, we decided to take things gradually and paved a way to sustain at this level, in order to make sure that the brand does not incur losses again. In the following span of 10 days, we started scaling the campaigns and within 10 days we scaled it to $10,000 in revenue and maintained an average ROAS of 6x.

We were successful in generating $1,90,000 plus in sales with an avg ROAS of 5.5x within 3 months.

We were able to cross the mark only because of the faith and patience that our client had within us. Sincere gratitude to her for maintaining peace and serenity throughout.

Jewelry Ecommerce Digital Marketing Case Study

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